North Chile
North Chile
South America    [February 09]   [Route]
The main goal of our trip to Chile was to track down the different Copiapoa nativ to this land.
We traced them across the country from the town of Vallenar and all the way to El Cobra in the north, using GPS guide points from Rudolf Schulz’s book. “Copiapoa in their environment”. These guide points are laid out upon five maps.
There were some unexpected bonuses as well, in San Pedro De Atacama we came across the impressive Cardon Cacti, the largest cacti in the world – in its nature habitat.

Eulychnia in fruit

Specimen of Trichocereus Chilensis with a mass of Tristerix aphyllus flowers emerging from it

A typical view Santigo-Loss Villos

A huge clump of Copiapoa in flower

Trichocereus Chilensis with a mass of Tristerix aphyllus flowers

Chilean Farmers

Copiapoa Serpentisulcata

Thelocephala duripulpa

Loss Villos

Coper Mine

Guanaco in Park llanos

Copiapoa Tenebrosa

Copiapoa Dealbata(Carrizal Bajo)

What you see is what you get

C. dealbata

A Beautiful Crest in nature

The port in Caldera

Blend of plants and rocks

Looking south to the town of Chanaral

Copiapoa columna-alba in Pan De Azucar

Cifucho from a distance

Copiapoa Desertorum

Lush fur and watchful eyes..

Copiapoa Cinera

Pelicans near Taltal

Copiapoa Albispina

Deulerocohnia chrysantha, common plant associated with CopiapoaThe

Large clumpsof C.tenebrosa growing along side very dense plants of Euphorbia lactifua

The beauty of nature....

Copiapoa Gigantea

La Mano Del Desierto The Hand of the Desert

The Three Maries-Formations, the result of intense erosion processes

Amphi Theatre- The result of the actions of wind and water upon geographical formations

Great Dune Path- result of strong winds for thousands of years

Sun set over Valley De La Luna

Laguna de Chaxa

One or Two??

Flamenco on a muddy lagoon

Atacama salt lake

salt crusts generated by the accumulation of crystals produced by the evaporation of the saline water

CARDON at the Machuca

Freak of nature -San Ramon Valley

Deasert Fox

LLAMA in Reserve National Los Flamencos

A typical street Caffe