Europe    [January 08]   [Route]
Tenerife is the largest Island of the 5 islands forming the Canary Chain situated off the coast of North Africa.
Singular and magnificent strains of Cacti grow on the island and the famous Dracaenaceae, Dracaena draco which is one of the phenomena’s that can be seen there. Various Succulents and mini palm trees are further part of the flora.
In January we visited the island, the climate at that time of the year is pleasant (15-25 degrees) we spent a week viewing the wondrous natural sights and the volcanic nature of the island.

View from the small town of I Cod El Alte

Although it is summer, the top of the Teide mounten is always covered with snow

The Famos "Dragon tree" Dracaena Drago-between 900 to 1000 years old

Euphorbias in Punta De Teno

Euphorbia Canariensis

formations of stone at Los Roques De Garcia


Water Lily in the botanical gardens