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South Africa 2006 [slide]

The transportation within the Richtersweld park is only possible with 4X4 wheel drive and it is absolutely necessary to make bookings in advance, as there are a limited amount of hostels and camping spots.


The park boasts over 700 varieties of plants among them: Aloe Dichotoma, Aloe pillansii, Euclea, Ficus Cordata, Codon royenii, Osteospermun, Cotyledon Orbiculata, Euphorbia Dregeana, Opophytum, Pachypodium namaqunum, Crassula Deceptor, Meserrbryanthemum, Opophytum, and much more.

We stayed at the Tataberg Camp, very far away but with distinct and interesting features.The travel in the park is slow but it is worthwhile to observe the different species of plants and one should plan to include many stops and a number of days. At the entrance to the park you can receive a list of the plants that grow there (over 700 different varieties) as well as local maps. It is advisable to travel with 2 vehicles and full load of appropriate equipment.
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