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North Thailand [slide]
In March 2005 we decided to tour the Northern region of Thailand and we spent  4 nights
From Bangkok we flew to the city of Chang Mei were we spent the night at the Dusit Island Hotel. The hotel was somewhat expensive but seemed to be the only decent hotel in this small town.
Chang Mei is rather a small town but the exit point of most trips to Northern Thailand We hired a guide with a vehicle and learnt that we could have done this at lower prices.
Day 1: We started the tour towards the Golden triangle, where one can view the boundary of 3 countries: Thailand, Burma and Laos. Further on the way we stopped at an orchids nursery, from there to a breath taking botanical garden called Ma Fah Yuang Garden via Flower Hill Resort where all along the way there were rice and tea fields.
Just before reaching our destination we visited a the well known, the long necked tribe which was interesting however also very sad.  
The first night we spent at a reserve called Chiangdao Hill Resort which the guide found for us, a beautiful and breath taking natural area.
Day 2: The way back to Chang Mei we continued passing the Cave Pagoda and riding elephants in a private reserve and through another Orchid farm.
Day 3 & 4:  We  spend 2 nights in Chang Mai this time at the Royal Princess Hotel, situated in an ideal  and a convenient place for easy access to tour the rain forest over the river, and for tours of the city and holy sites in the area.
From There we flew back to Bangkok.
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