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South Africa 2007 [slide]
In April 2007 we traveled for the third time to South Africa and dedicated all our time in the Little Karoo area. All the farms in that area are fenced in and belong to individual farmers, thus to view the plants that grow in the whole area you need to know beforehand exactly where they are located and who is the farm owner to receive permission to view the plants from close up
To our joy and luck we have a friend who deals in this field for many years and is an expert grower who had moved to S.Africa from Holland, and  bought 8,000 acres in the Matjiesfontein area. He invited us to be his guests and stay with him at his farm. On this farm alone he found a myriad of different varieties of Succulants. From there we started our trip.

Day 1-3: We stayed on the farm in Matjiefontein where we could view manyf different and specific varieties of mesembs and succulents.
Day 4: We traveled to the Calitzdorp area via Laingsburg on a dirt road for about 60 km. The road goes over hills and valleys passes through the Seweweekspoort reserve till road R-62, all along the road we could see Haworthia and huge trees. On the road between Rooninek and Laingsburg were Pachypodium Biosphinosum and field full of Surcoculon.
Day 5: We drove from Prince Albert and up to Oudtshorn through the famous Swartberg Pass on a narrow and steep road in the mountains which was built by prisoners in the year 1850. An Afrikaner who grew up in the region and is a plant expert provided guidance and gave us tips enabling us to view the wildlife in Prince Albert and locate the Bajlia Succulant. Our second stop was about 8 km west from the local hospital in Prince Albert were we saw the Lithops Localis.  On the third stop east of Prince Albert we saw  the Lithops Bellia. Traveling on a dirt road east of Prince Albert till highway 12N we viewed Pleiospilos Nelii Haworthia and Hoodia
Day 6: The trip started at Calitzdorp to Van Wyksdorp through Rooiberg pass and Brandrivier at R62 and back to Calitzdorp. At Rooiberg pass We saw Gibbaeum, Pachypodium Conophytum Haworthia Visscosa and further on Serlocarlum and more succulents and mesembs. North West of the Garcia Pass along a dirt road we viewed Gibbaeum Album. Muria and other growth typical for these areas alone, which also include Astroloba , crassula Columnaris , Euphorbia Sussanae and others.
Day 7 & 8: We traveled from Vanrhynsdorp to Clanwilliam via the Pakhuis Pass. We traveled through the Cederberg range of mountains which produce different shapes in nature of a deep brown color. Five km North of Clanwilliam on the mountain slope we discovered   a multitude of Conophytum, Adormischus, Euphorbia. We reached the farm where we stayed for the night about 21 km before Vanrhynsdorp called the Sattridge guest farm which spreads over 5000 hectares of hilly quartz earth. We were allocated a hut with amenities of years gone by, a wicker oil lamp and water with a gas heater, far removed from the noise and dust of the roads. Along the walking trails on the farm we watched the different and multitude verities of succulents, Conophytums and other mesembs.. The well known Kokerboom nursery is situated in Vanrhysdorp, there is a private area which can be accessed with a special key. You can wander the whole day and view a multitude of Succulents including Argyoderma
Day 9:  We could hear the bells of Capetown travelling through Lambert Bay We stopped to feast our eyes in Bird Island where we could watch thousands of birds on the seashore on the way you can visit the Cederberg reserve where you can see the paintings and shapes created by the bushman
The next five days till our return home we spent in the Cape Town area.
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